Wright Century Farm Riparian Exclusion & Enhancement

This historic farm property is located along the mainstem Coast Fork Willamette River. The problems addressed by this ambitious project include a loss of riparian trees, degraded riparian condition, a saturated heavy use zone, a broken off-channel watering system and a lack of sturdy livestock fencing that was disabled by fallen trees, wildlife and the cattle. The loss of native trees in this riparian area, which has provided bank stabilization, is being encroached by non-native blackberry rather than being replenished.


In the riparian zone blackberries were cut grubbed and pulled out with a tractor repeatedly. Planted and protected over 500 tree and shrubs. spread 50lbs. of native grass/ forb mix to enhance wildlife forage. Replacing 430 meters of fencing. Applying gutters and drink tank catchment to the cattle barn and repairing the pump.


All of the ambitious targets that these landowners set for improving their farm for fish and wildlife were met in this project. It keeps the cattle out of the riparian area with fencing and alternative watering sources. Blackberry encroachment is being controlled and native trees are establishing. The landowners noticed that rabbits have returned to the land.

Before: March 2009. In this photo, the blackberry infestation is evident as is the simple electric fence which Is ineffective in fully excluding cattle from the riparian zone.
After: September 2012. This post-project photo documents the blackberry control, the Installation of a sturdy galvanized steel fence with an electric component as well as the addition of 10′ to the riparian buffer.

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