picture of Taylor Larson

Taylor Larson

Taylor Larson, currently our Board President, grew up along the Coast Fork south of Creswell on his family farm. After receiving degrees in International Political Economy, and Economics, Taylor joined the Peace Corps. He spent his time in Peace Corps in Zambia as an agroforestry extension agent working with farmers to link agricultural production with conservation. Taylor is now back managing his family farm where they grow hazelnuts, hops, and have plans for much more. In addition to his farming endeavors, Taylor is an Educator at Creslane Elementary. His interest in the council stems from his desire to see production agriculture and ecological stewardship become two sides of the same coin.



Denise Walters

Denise is a Planner with Lane Council of Governments and is currently Vice President of the Coast Fork Board. In her professional capacity, she has collaborated on water quality and habitat improvements with the Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council since 2007. She received her bachelor’s degree from Ithaca College with a focus on politics and environmental policy. She holds two master’s degrees one in Planning, Public Policy and Management and the other in International Studies from the University of Oregon where her study centered on the relationships among culture and environment. She and her husband live in the Mohawk River area with their two dogs, a varying number of goats, and the occasional river otter. Her other interests include traditional bow, becoming the shot she used to be, and re/learning languages.


picture of LUNA LACEY

Luna Lacey

Luna is currently serving the CFWWC as Board Treasurer. With degrees in Economics and Mathematics, experience in international and local grant management, and a passion for cooperative engagement, Luna hopes to lend her skills, experience, and abilities to the conservation and preservation of our local watershed. Luna, who is a resident of Cottage Grove, is an administrator for student service grants at Lane Community College and a Breema Instructor.


picture of Jim Mough

Jim Mough

Jim is a founding board member of the CFWWC and has been involved since 1999. In the past, Jim has served as President and Vice President. Jim contributes valuable chemistry and water quality expertise to the CFWWC Technical Committee. Jim is the Lab Manager at the University of Oregon Health Center and he lives in Springfield with his wife Elaine.


picture of Matt Hall

Matt Hall

Matt Hall was born in England and graduated from Newton Rigg, Cumbria College of Agriculture and Forestry with a National Diploma in Forestry. After working in conventional forestry and urban forestry Matt moved to Aprovecho, a community nearby Cottage Grove, in 1991, becoming the forestry instructor and Forest Manager. Since then he has specialized in managing the forests of small landowners including selective thinning in cooperation with a horse logger, on-site milling of logs into building lumber, creation of stewardship plans, hazardous-tree removal, tree planting and non-native weed removal. Matt joined the staff of Kennedy Alternative High School in 2007 and currently works full time as the Crew Leader for the school’s Conservation Corps. The Kennedy Conservation Corps performs environmental restoration work for Federal, County and City agencies as well as the Coast Fork Willamette Watershed Council and private landowners.


picture of Michael DeHart

Michael DeHart

Michael is the Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Creswell, and a member of the CFWWC Board since 2016. He received a bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Tennessee, and a master’s degree in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon. His interest in joining the board stems from a fascination with environmental economics and a deep interest in leveraging cities’ need for clean drinking water to achieve upstream riparian enhancements. Michael lives in South Eugene and enjoys bike packing, backpacking, road-tripping, and shooting film in Oregon’s lesser-traveled destinations.

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