Priory Farm Restoration Project

Limited structure in the stream channel, limited habitat diversity and invasive plant inundation are the three main constraints on this landowner’s streamside site. The invasive species that were present were blackberry, English ivy, and Scotch’s broom.


A local youth crew manually removed the invasive species on the site and planted a variety of native riparian trees and shrubs on an approximately 550′ long and 120′ wide area. The landowner is watering and maintaining the new plantings for the two subsequent years. A tree contractor fell a cottonwood hazard tree into the stream to provide additional aquatic structure.


The forest understory was released from inundation of blackberry, Scotch’s broom, and English ivy. The stream now has increased current and future woody structure. In addition to having a positive environmental result we also built a positive relationship between the Coast Fork Council, the landowner, and a local youth conservation corp. This project also provided an experiential learning opportunity for local youth.

Before: January 2007
After: August 2008

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