Key Volunteers

With a small staff volunteers are essential to an organization. Below are our key volunteers that help us complete our mission on a regular basis:

Alison Center

Alison Center is the district biologist for the Middle Fork Ranger District on the Willamette National Forest and is the President of the Oregon Chapter of the North American Butterfly Association,  a nonprofit that provides education and promotes conservation of butterflies. She also worked as a biologist for BLM for 15 years. For the past 14 years, Alison has volunteered for the watershed council serving on both the steering committee and technical team. She also leads bald eagle counts and birding field trips, and has monitored pond turtles. 

Doug Garletts

Doug Garletts, professional fish biologist in Willamette and Rogue Basins for over 20 yrs.  Born and raised in the hollers of West-by-God Virginia.  Life long whitewater enthusiast and squirrel hugger.  Current citizen of Cottage Grove and this great state of Oregon and planet earth.  Member CFWWC tech team since beginning of council (from back in the “Friends of Coast Fork Willamette” days).  Likes all kinds of music for music’s sake, gardening, carpentry, roller skating, daydreaming, maple syrup on buckwheat cakes, chocolate, pizza, reading, tea, miso soup, and powder days in the backcountry.  Loves animals and seeking out interpersonal relationships with Sasquatches and other hairy hominids.

Grace Fowler-Gore

Grace grew up in Southern Oregon hid in the forest in the shadow of a mountain.  After earning a B.S. in Chemistry and Psychology from Southern Oregon State College, she headed to Dallas-Fort Worth for 20 years.  When the Summer temperatures started getting over 110 degrees too often, and wanting to make a positive difference for the environment, she decided to return to Oregon where she could enjoy landscaping for pollinators, birding, and vegetable gardening.  She joined the CFWWC for the science, as a birder, and to meet new friends.  After participating in the Eugene and Oakridge Christmas Bird Counts, she decided to increase her citizen scientist contribution by becoming the Audubon Coordinator for the Cottage Grove CBC.  She also enjoys being a Board Member and Newsletter Editor of the Eugene Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society, a fabric collector and part-time quilter.

Suzy Kanich

Suzy grew up in northwest Indiana where steel mills, oil refineries, and chemical plants were juxtaposed with cornfields, forest preserves, rolling sand dunes, and the Great Lake Michigan.  After obtaining a Master’s degree in Sociology from the University of Chicago her travels eventually led her to Oregon. Suzy’s involvement with the Coast Fork Watershed Council comes from a desire to work with others to reduce environmental pollution and protect natural habitat.  Combining education and raising awareness with fun, the Science Pub at the Axe and Fiddle Pub is one of her favorite Council activities. Suzy teaches Spanish in Cottage Grove, supports the South Valley Farmers Market, participates in library and Chamber of Commerce events, and is a member of the West Cascade Peace Corps Association.  Of course, she also enjoys biking, hiking, and swimming in our beautiful watershed area.

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