Coast Fork Riparian Enhancement Project

This 2.26 acre riparian area of the Coast Fork Willamette lacked native riparian vegetation due to past land use practices like cattle grazing within the riparian area in the decades prior and annual rye grass seed farming. The area had Armenian blackberry and annual rye grass encroachment. This results in degraded water resources and resulted in high summer water temperatures, erosion, and nutrient inputs.


The project treated 1 acre of Armenian blackberry and 1.26 acres of annual rye grass. The entire 2.26 acres were seeded with native grasses and planted with native trees and shrubs along 0.1 miles of the river.


Over time the plantings established will create a functioning riparian buffer that will benefit fish and wildlife habitat and improve water quality by shading the water, filtering out fine sediments and nutrients and eventually contributing large woody debris. This will improve aquatic and stream side habitat.

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