STREAM Program Phase I

A high-profile stretch of river across from Cottage Grove High School and Lane Community College and continuing downstream onto an additional site owned by a private landowner is being negatively impacted by invasive species, mainly blackberry and English ivy, and trampling from use by ducks and humans. This causes erosion and limits the growth of native vegetation cover which can cause the degradation of the riparian area.


Contracted crews weed whacked, grubbed, and piled blackberries along 200 linear feet and pulled English ivy and reed canary grass along 100 feet of riparian area. After the invasive species removal, they planted roughly 250 trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants. The area was continually re-treated and re-planted. Geojute fabric was put down to protect the banks.


This site acted as an outdoor classroom for the schools involved in the Coast Fork STREAM (Students Trained in River Enhancement, Assessment, & Monitoring) Education Program for two years.

Student Inventories Upstream Site October 2007
Students Plant Upstream Site April 2008

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