Mosby Creek Aquatic Habitat Inventory

We needed stream data about the Mosby creek to document current conditions both as a comparison to older ones, and to garner data for preliminary project designs. This data is needed to make a case for an aquatic enhancement project in the area. However, we also need permission to access the lower section of Mosby Creek.


We arranged access to the stream using current mailing datasets and by creating the Friends of Mosby Creek Picnic to help instigate good communication with neighbors on the ground. an announcement that was sent to over 250 downstream neighbors about our 2008 Friends of Mosby Creek Picnic and it was attended by about 40 people. Where permission was granted, ODFW sent two technicians to walk and inventory the stream.


They ended up inventorying 22 miles of mainstem Mosby Creek. They measured riparian condition and composition, bank/channel character, conduct a pebble count, assess the amount of large woody debris, and document any sightings or evidence of fish and wildlife. At our February 2009 meeting, Council Coordinator Pam Reber presented results from the Inventory to 25 people, and many neighbors who requested a copy of the disk in the mail have reviewed it.

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