My Brothers Farm Restoration Project
Project includes removal of invasive species and the regeneration of native plant species, restoring riparian floodplain forest habitat on over 70 acres of the farm located along the mainstem of the Coast Fork Willamette River.
Pileated Woodpecker spotted at Row River Nature Park!
Pileated woodpeckers are forest birds that require large, standing dead trees and downed wood.
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Restoration Projects

Garden Lake Park

picture of community at Garden Lake

Forest and Wetland Enhancement Now robust with wildlife and outdoor opportunities within walking distance of Creswell, Garden Lake Park was just an old gravel pit covered in blackberries alongside Interstate…

Mosby Creek

picture of Mosby Creek Aquatic Habitat Project

Spring Chinook Habitat Project Phases I & II Watershed Description Mosby Creek is a headwater tributary to the Coast Fork Willamette River. Flowing northwest from the low-elevation Cascades, Mosby Creek…

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