Garden Lake Riparian Restoration Project

Garden Lake was identified as a priority area as it had seen the excavation of gravel for the construction of 1-5 creating a series of ponds in line with Hill Creek but was now in public ownership. Blackberry, Scot’s broom and English ivy were preventing the integrity and re­establishment of habitats at the park.


Invasive species were removed. We used remnants of reference ecosystems on site to guide our planting choices. A diversity of species were planted, not just trees. City of Creswell allocated staff time to water the trees and shrubs in the park


Infestations of Scot’s broom, English ivy, and Blackberry were all significantly reduced in scale and extent on the 11 acres of project area. Invasive plant removal and the planting of native trees/shrubs improved eleven acres of riparian habitat. Watering happened efficiently and seemingly cost-effective, and plant survival was far improved thanks to this effort.

January 14, 2008
February 19, 2009

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